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Cedar Ridge Christian Church Music Camp

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Face-to-Face auditions on Sunday, May 14, 2023 at 2:00 pm Alexandra P (Third Grade)
Augustine M (Fourth Grade)
Dietrich M (Second Grade)
Gunnar G (Second Grade)
Samantha J (Sixth Grade)
Sarah M (Fifth Grade)
Elise M (Third Grade)
Elisabeth B (Third Grade)
Alexandra M (Fifth Grade)
Selah B (Fourth Grade)
Roman B (Third Grade)
Adelyn W (Fourth Grade)
Brinley M (Sixth Grade)
Alyssa Q (Fourth Grade)
Eli F (Sixth Grade)
Rachel S (First Grade)
Gentry Y (Second Grade)
Reid R (Second Grade)
Tessa O (First Grade)
Willow B (Sixth Grade)
Liliana M (Fourth Grade)
Emslee R (Fifth Grade)
Olivia T (Sixth Grade)
Hallie B (Third Grade)
Eliana R (Third Grade)
Cadence B (Second Grade)
Claire B (Second Grade)
Easton B (Sixth Grade)
Calleigh C (First Grade)
Pierce C (First Grade)
Cashiuss D (Fourth Grade)
Everett D (Fifth Grade)
Layla G (Second Grade)
Jagger D (Second Grade)
No longer interested Joey P (Fourth Grade)
Andi V (First Grade)
Leon P (Third Grade)
Ilona P (Fifth Grade)
Eli B (First Grade)
Brody B (First Grade)
Ella G (Third Grade)
Emerson T (Third Grade)
Audrey S (Second Grade)
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Can I arrive any time after 2:00pm?
No, please arrive just a few minutes prior to 2:00pm.
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